About Us

Faculty of Medicine was passed by resolution No. (50) 2016 issued by the Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research Dr Sumaya Mohamed Ahmed Abu-Kashawa on 11/4/2016 corresponding to 4th of Rajab 1437 H. an extension and crowning to the system of medical and health colleges at the ELSHAIKH ABDALLAH EL-BADRI UNIVERSITY. The college offers the degree of Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery in 11 semesters (5) years, the annual amended system.

The premises of the Faculty of Medicine were built on the southeastern side of the first university buildings in a form of arches consisting of two floors with an area of more than 2000 m 2 each floor. It was the idea of Maulana ELShaikh / Abdalla El-Badri, founder of the university in excellence and leadership of the institution so that the building expresses welcome. The buildings of the mortuary and laboratories from the western side of the arches, of an area of 2500 m 2. The buildings were donated by H.E Maulana ELShaikh / Abdalla EL-Badri. He also guarantees payment of all medical equipment and equipment to the mortuary and laboratories brought from China, France, Turkey, Italy and Germany.